We’II protect Kakum National Park with all our strength – Chief

Nana Amoateng, the Chief of Denkyira Brafo in the Central Region, has spoken against the reported attempt to mine at the Kakum Forest Reserve.

Kakum Forest Reserve, which is one of the biggest tourist sites in the country, has recently been identified as one of the possible places rich with mineral resources.

There have been reports that some mining companies have expressed interest in exploring the lands, but the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has denied the request.

Reacting to these reports, Nana Amoateng III said the forest is too important to the people because the river in the forest serves the entire Cape Coast Community, so they won’t allow anyone to pollute their waters in the name of mining.

“We are telling that company that wants to mine in the forest that they should forget about it because it will never happen. That forest really helps the Central Region, and the river in the forest called Kakum is the source of water for the entire Cape Coast, so why should we allow anyone to go into the mine and destroy the water as they have done in other communities?”

“We are telling the government that they shouldn’t even think about giving anyone a license to enter the forest to mine,” Nana Amoateng III said, as aired on Rainbow Radio Accra.

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