Ga–Dangmes have lost control of lands in Accra because of lack of education – Rev Lawrence Tetteh laments

The founder and leader of World Miracle Outreach, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has bemoaned the loss of control of lands in Accra by Ga- Dangme people.

According to him, the Ga people gave their lands cheaply to non-indigenes because of their lack of education.

Speaking in an interview on GTV, on Thursday, monitored by GhanaWeb, the pastor, who was speaking about how helpful free education in the northern parts of Ghana was, added that he wished the first president of the country, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, had extended it to all Ghanaians.

“One of the greatest things, Nkrumah did for Ghana was giving free education to our brothers from the north… today, northerners are more settled in our society than the southerners because of free education.

“… in fact, I wish Nkrumah had given all of us free education. Some of my great grand uncles and aunties in Dodowa, who were not educated, wouldn’t have given all our lands out. Today, foreigners, strangers are living on the Ga–Dangme land. If you look at the land space in the Greater Accra Region, it is non-Ga-Dangme people who occupy it because we lacked education.

“They gave the Ga people and Dangme people bicycles and dead trucks and they (the foreigners) take big blocks of land and today our lands are being controlled by non-Ga citizens. If you go to the North, it is not the same, if you go to Kumasi it is not the same,” he said.

Rev Tetteh added that Gas are fighting over unnecessary things including chieftaincy because of the lack of education.


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