It is pointless for a wife to fight her cheating husband and his side chick because, after the extramarital coitus, the man’s phallus is still intact for the wife to always enjoy at will since it is not plucked away by the other woman, marriage counsellor Juliana Antwi Asante has caused stir.

According to the President of Marriage Scaffold, it is important for women to handle cheating husbands and the circumstances around such situations with wisdom, maturity and tact, instead of fighting.

“So, you go and see your husband even on top of a woman and you go quarrelling? If you bring this to me as a counsellor, I’ll tell you there’s no need to quarrel because, excuse my French, after the sex, the penis is not plucked off; so, why would I fight?” she wondered.

In her view, being calm and mature about the whole situation as a wife, could rather save the situation.

Mrs Asante said it all depends on “the way you [wife] handle the man” and “he would not even go [cheat] again”.

“And, I bet you, it will get to a time when you serve him, he will have difficulty eating because he doesn’t even know what I’ll do next”, the counsellor told Korku Lumor on Class91.3FM’s morning show on Wednesday, 5 April 2023.

“There’s no need fighting and that respect must be in the home”, she insisted.

Also, she noted that her respect for a cheating husband would go up a notch higher if he willingly confesses to his sin.

“If you come to confide in me, as a wife; when you even tell me [you cheated on me], it gives you another level of respect”, she added.

“You, a husband, a man of your own; going out to do this and coming out to tell me? Oh, aren’t you a lovely husband? Aren’t you a darling?” she praised.

She pointed out: “Maybe my stance would be weird but [these] are things we’ve taught people and they have practiced and have really worked; that is what you talk about”.