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Okuapeman traditional Council bans noise-making ahead of Odwira festival

The Okuapeman traditional Council has banned noise-making ahead of the celebration of the Odwira Festival.

The traditional council under the auspices of Okuapehene Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III performed the “Adaebutuw” rites Wednesday, August 3, 2022, to begin the observance of the ban.

“Adaebutuw” observance is a period of retreat from the stool house and the stools. All forms of noise-making activities are banned. In short, it is a period of showing reverence to the gods and sacred stools by keeping noise levels to the barest minimum.

The period of “Adaebutuw” is observed from the eighth Awukudae counted six weeks (adaduanan) before celebrating Odwira.

Persons who flout the ban on noise-making are summoned and fined to slaughter sheep to pacify the gods.

During this period, the people also prepare for the celebration of Odwira during the period.

Okuapehene Ankobeahene Nana Yaw Sakyi said the celebration of Odwira festival is inevitable therefore it cannot be cancelled or banned however can be adjusted to suit situations such as pandemics and litigation among others.

He, therefore, emphasized that the 2022 Odwira festival is coming off as planned contrary to misinformation in the media quoting from an interview with Aburihene Otoobuor Gyan Kwasi II.

The Aburihene explained that the traditional council did not approve the launching of the Odwira festival in Accra on July 24. Also due to a suit pending before the national house of chiefs as filed by the Queen-mother challenging the legitimacy of Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III, the Okuapehene, Odwira durbar has been cancelled but could be celebrated privately in stool houses.

However, the Okuapehene Ankobeahene Nana Yaw Sakyi said told Starr News at Okuapehene palace that “I have not heard this strange statement before that Odwira has been cancelled. Odwira cannot be cancelled because it is part of our tradition and custom. It can be adjusted to suit situations like pandemics, when a chief is dead or there is litigation on that note some things like durbar or carrying chiefs may not be done. Odwira is not only for the chiefs every stool that celebrates Odwira observes it. Odwira is a significant festival” the Okyenhene Ankobeahene said

He said the Odwira festival will be celebrated from 12th September to 18th September 2022 right after the ban on noise making is lifted.

He however cautioned the youth to be disciplined and descent.

Every evening preceding an adae is marked by drumming to announce that the following day is an adae.

The exercise is known as Dapaatu. Early the next morning, which is the day moment in the morning; the drumming commences again. informing the elders to the palace to greet the chief; to show hit super on the Adae day.

The chief in return offers the elders some drinks. If the chief decides to honour someone by giving him a special position in the palace, or if some guests wish to visit the sacred room, the chief announces the programme. The elders disperse to reassemble at about (3,00 pm) three O’clock in the afternoon when the drums are beaten.

The next day is set aside for updating the elders who live elsewhere, on the important issues that cropped up in their absence.

It is therefore compelling for all elders domiciled elsewhere to report for the celebration of every Adae at home.

If someone dies on the day of the Adae, or the day before, it is considered taboo, since it is viewed as a desecration of the Adae. In that case, the day is not observed and the relatives of the deceased, have to sanctify the sacred stools by slaughtering sheep.

In traditional areas where the Odwira Festival is celebrated, the people hold the celebration of the Adae in high esteem

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