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The Gospel of the Ga State – Final Part (6) To whom it may concern

The Gospel of the Ga State – Final Part (6) To whom it may concern


This is my last word on the Ga Mantse saga. We shouldn’t be where we are today. It’s a disgrace. Reasonable people in Dagbon, after a King and 40 elders were killed have sorted themselves out, while those who shout Ga sɛɛ gbɛ ji gbɛ don’t seem to have the foggiest idea on the way forward.

This is my contribution and last word. If those who are concerned take it, fine, if they don’t, no wahala.

Key words: Ga Mashi; Ga State – Ga Mashi + other towns + Ŋleshi; Ga Mantse; Ga Paramount stool Jaase; Ga State Jaase; Ga Traditional Council (GTC); Ga State Council

Until recently, the Ga State = GTC, with Ga Mashi as the capital, and Ga Mantse as the statutory head. Now, other Ga towns and Ŋleshi have their own traditional councils. The GTC is reduced to Ga Mashi. There are deep Implications. Since Ayawaso, Ga Mantse is now by law, only Ga Mashi Mantse.

Technically, the Ga state has collapsed. We have the Ga nation (Gamei), and Ga Mashi remains the biggest of the splintered sub-states, but no central co-ordinating political authority. Do we want a new Ayawaso or prefer to keep the present reality? Those concerned must urgently make up their mind.

I want a new and modern Ayawaso or Ga state. Enter the Ga State Council (GSC).

Umbrella body for all Ga traditional councils – from Ga Mashi, Ŋleshi up to Tema.

  1. Ga Mantse as President
  2. Paramount chiefs – Osu to Tema and N Ŋ leshi. La Mantse as Deputy President.
  3. *Ga Mashi chiefs
  4. Important women – 2 from Ga Mashi, 1 from each paramountcy total of 8 for 5year terms.
  5. Specialists–1 each; doctor, lawyer, academic, accountant, market leader, engineer, fisherman, IT, educationist, Sports legend, ex-Policeman, Youth leader. 50% women and 5year terms.
  6. Shikitele – Secretary and Chief of Staff of President.


Executive Committee or Cabinet

President – Ga Mantse

Dep. Pres – La Mantse

‘’Ministers’’ – other Paramount and Ga Mashi chiefs. Eg. Ŋleshi Mantse may be Minister for Education.

The Ga Mantse becomes Chief of Paramount Chiefs or a King by law. In this position, the Ga Mantse elevates all Ga Mashi chiefs to paramount chiefs. AMA with population of over 3m deserves to have at least nine paramount chiefs. Fewer populations have more Paramount chiefs in some areas.

Special Committees

The non-cabinet members will form 5 special committees to help the ‘’Ministers.’’ Eg. Committee for Law & Order. May also serve as special ambassadors of the State.

I will discuss the other akulashiŋ in my book – Come Back Ayawaso, Come back the First Kingdom.

Who is the Ga Mantse since the demise of Nii Amugi? There is a gazetted Mantse, but there is no functional Mantse. This shows the limitation of gazetting in conferring authority. Mantseyeli is based on consensus mandate. Division means no consensus – no Mantse.

The division in the Jaase is at the heart of the Mantse saga. Two Jaasetsemei means two Mantsemei. Heal the Jaase division and you heal the Mantse problem.

If the Ga Traditional Council and the other traditional councils form the Ga State Council, it means, the Ga Paramount Stool becomes the Ga State Stool. The inference is that the Ga Paramount stool Jaase will have to change to Ga State Jaase. The Electoral Commission that ‘’elects’’ Ga Mashi Mantse isn’t enough to elect Mantse for the whole Ga State.

A new Ga State means a new Ga State Jaase made up of electors from all 7 traditional councils; 4 from Ga Mashi, and 2 from each of the 6 traditional councils. It will be headed by Ga Mashi Jaasetse. Since all Paramount chiefs are cabinet ministers of the Ga State, their selection will be made through the Ga State Jaase. This will streamline the process and reduce the never-ending litigations we are facing.

Who is the rightful Ga Mashi Jaasetse? Nii Oto-Ga or Nii Tetteh Kwei? The genealogy of the two gentlemen indicates it is Nii Oto-Ga, a grandson of Ga Mantse Taki-Yaoboi (1919 – 1929).

Nii Oto-Ga is from Amugi We, the other 3 houses should select 1 person to form the Ga Mashi Quartet, and then from N Ŋ leshi to Tema should also select their 2 members to form the State Jaase.

Who is the rightful Ga Mantse? To answer this, we must know which House follows Amugi We – PIAM. Abola Piam is the rightful House to give Ga Mantse. Joe Blankson, George Tackie and Kelvin are all from Teiko Tsuru We.

Lots of mistakes have been committed from all sides. One of the mistakes is ‘’Piam said they didn’t have anyone.’’ That’s untenable. Who said so and how did he come to that conclusion? When was he asked to bring someone, and when did he say there was nobody?

What next? We must go back to the beginning. Abola Piam must present at least 2 candidates to the new State Jaase to interview, assess and select one as the new Ga Mantse.

What happens to Joe, George and Kelvin?

In order to maintain the rotation system, Joe Blankson and George Tackie must be taken as regents – Sɛɛkwɛloi. Joe may thus be buried as a regent to bring an end to this painful feud. Gazetted George should be retired and given a monthly allowance equal to 60% the monthly salary of the Ga Mantse, a house and a car. Kelvin is young and may wait for the turn of Teiko Tsuru We.

To whom it may concern means, there are major stakeholders, who in this case are Ga Mashi elders. Do they want the splintered Ga nation, or they prefer a new Ayawaso? If they pick the status quo, then they must know that the Ga Mantse is only Mantse of Ga Mashi, even Ŋleshi is autonomous.

To those it may concern, I rest my case.

by Nii Amu Darko

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