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Flashback: Mahama ‘plays back’ Bawumia’s ‘Ghanaians are suffering’ comments

Vice President Dr. Bawumia, got Ghanaians talking with his numerous GDP and economic jargons in the run up to the 2016 elections; economic growth being the central message in the NPP’s campaign messages prior to the polls.

He definitely made a mark with his ‘Ghanaians are suffering’ rhyme during one of the campaigns where he categorized various professions in the country and how persons in those fields were feeling the devastating effect of the ‘poor economy’ under the Mahama-led administration for which reason they ought to have voted them out.

“The IMF in its recent review of the Ghanaian economy has warned that Ghana is on the cusp of a financial and economic crisis. Notwithstanding this abysmal record, President John Mahama is actually asking Ghanaians where the economic crisis is. He is clearly out of touch.

Mr. President, economic crisis is everywhere, if you care to look outside Flagstaff House of course”

“Teachers are suffering, teacher trainees are suffering, nurses are suffering, nursing trainees are suffering, patients are suffering, students are suffering, traders are suffering, pensioners are suffering, drivers are suffering, contractors are suffering, civil servants are suffering and farmers are suffering, fishermen are suffering and industries are suffering, artisans are suffering and kayayei are suffering, the disabled are suffering and men are suffering, women are suffering and children are suffering and Ghanaians are suffering”, he said.

His wife, Samira Bawumia is also recalled to have told Ghanaians to remember their suffering under the Mahama government and let that inform their decision to vote in the 2016 polls.

It may be history repeating itself but this time by the NDC who are in opposition. Former President John Mahama at the recently held Kumasi Unity Walk mounted the stage to address a teeming crowd of enthusiasts on some pertinent issues happening under the Akufo-Addo government.

Ironically, the same ‘Ghanaians are suffering’ rhyme came to play as Mr. Mahama categorically gave examples of persons in various fields and how much suffering their businesses have been subjected to under the ruling NPP government.

In his words; “If you check Kumasi and the Ashanti region, you will notice that Kumasi is the center of economic activity in Ghana because business and trade wise, Kumasi can be said to be the center of economic activity so they are the very ones who feel it most when the economy of Ghana is not doing well. A lot of people I have met here since my arrival have complained about poor economic conditions”

“Ghanaians voted against us on the basis that the economy was terrible and that people were suffering. If people were to be voted out only on the basis of the economic state and suffering of the people, the NPP should have been voted out about a 1,000 times already because the situation now compared to 2016 shows that there is more misery in the system.

“Drivers are suffering, a driver friend of mine says he has resorted to working at a filling station because the monies he gains from the driving business he has to eventually invest in fuel and makes no profit. A waakye seller I know here told me that she is suffering and that she used to sell about seven big bowls of waakye everyday, today, she says she barely sells 3 so even waakye sellers are suffering, Kejetia residents are suffering, ‘Magazine’ residents are suffering!!” he said, courting the crowd’s support.

Mahama, among other things accused the ruling government of killing businesses and adopting wrongful means; ‘shooting-to-kill’ of dealing with the menace of illegal mining in the country when they in fact have not provided any livelihood alternatives for the persons whose ‘jobs’ they are killing.

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