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TECHAiDE commits to deepen ICT education in Ghana

FJ Cava, Chief Operations Officer of TECHAiDE, a technological social enterprise, specialised in the design, development and deployment of rugged computing systems has expressed its readiness to train young people in Ghana, particularly school children.

He said this is to prepare them for a better future in this age of Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

FJ Cava said this when he addressed participants at the 3rd Annual Impact Education eConference 2019 organised by TECHAide, in collaboration with Friends of Yamoransa Foundation (FYF), & Helping Africa Foundation (HAF) both United States based non-profit organizations.

The conference’s objective was to bring together key stakeholders within Ghana’s Education sector to discuss, debate, share ideas and educate each other in achieving and learning in order to make ICT education in Ghana more responsive, and better equipped to handle the challenges of the 21st century.

About 150 Participants including proprietors of private schools, heads of public schools, NGOs, private companies, government entities as well as funding agencies shared experiences with answers provided to questions on technological issues in education.

The conference centred on breakout sessions and panel discussions that focused on ICT Training that captures the future.

He said the world was now going IT and that it was imperative to prepare the younger generation for robotics, computer programming, and IT technician careers among others.

FJ Cava said while maximum emphasis was placed on the learning of ICT, there was a need to consider a key factor on how ICT teachers in the country were equipped with knowledge to be able to teach school children to understand the various lessons.

He said this year’s conference was all about bringing ICT teachers and proprietors of schools, both private and public, NGOs, private and public companies and funding agencies to focus on ICT training that captured the future.

TECHAiDE’s Chief Operations Officer said the current and upcoming generation of Ghanaians do not have a choice but to prepare to embrace ICT, adding, “that is where the world is heading and nobody must be left behind.”

Mr. Anis Haffar, Chief Executive Officer of Education Matters Foundation urged teachers to be in a perpetual state of adding value to themselves in the field of Information Communication Technology.

He said having a first degree was a sign of potential and that teachers should not let their thirst for knowledge be quenched, using himself as an example

“Look at my age, 72, but I am still learning to add value to myself because I want to give out my best.”

Mr. Haffar cautioned teachers not to underestimate the potential of any child they teach or live with as they might not know who will be there for them in the future.

“Whoever believes he has finished learning in this world is dead. Never neglect the ability and the need to add value to yourselves,” he added.

The Educationist entreated teachers to take advantage of technology in teaching their students, saying, “as the world advances technologically, you should maximize it in discharging their duties.”

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