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Excessive use of garlic; coffee cause body odour – Skincare therapists

When bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat during excessive perspiration they produce pungent smell known as body odour.

While this form of perspiration may be normal, skin experts say excessive intake of garlic and coffee can also cause body odour.

Skincare therapist, Francisca Asare Frimpong and Silvia Darko of DMK Skincare Clinic and Skin Savers respectively have explained the causes of body odour, known medically as bromhidrosis, on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Thursday.

They explained that garlic and coffee produce a lot of sweat which when the bacteria on the body react to, cause result in bad odour.

“I am garlic lover but I realised it was giving me bad odour so people who like garlic must reduce the intake,” Francisca advised.

Rather, Francisca advised the intake of vegetables to help keep the body and for that matter, the skin constantly hydrated.

“We must pay more attention to personal hygiene to eliminate body odour,” she added.

Silvia Darko of Skin Savers also identified the excessive intake of garlic as one of the contributory factor to body odour.

She explained that coffee is highly acidic and when taken, “makes your body sweat which seeps out of the pores of your skin to cause bad smell”.

She urged the youth to shave their underarms and genital areas since a lot of hair under one’s arms can create a swampy environment for bacteria growth and eventual faul smell or odour.


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