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From marketing adviser to caterer; the story of Maame Yaa Afriyie Asamoah

Maame Yaa Afriyie Asamoah is a marketing adviser who had to quit her job to pursue her passion; catering.

Having no intention of making it a commercial trade, Maame Yaa said her engagements now was merely born form providing custom services for her family until friends advised her to go into commercial after proving her worth.

“I didn’t really plan to sell my cakes but then a friend tried my cake and on her next birthday, she asked me the price of my cake that is when I started pricing them,” she said in an interview with TV3.

The Food Journey CEO said cooking has always been her passion and quitting her job as a marketing adviser to pursue her passion, she has not regretted.

“When you are doing certain things you feel like you are not really into this per se so you just feel like doing what you really feel like doing. Comparing what I use to feel then and now, I feel like I really made a good decision,” she noted.

Food Journey is being marketed online basically on her social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, where she gets her largest customers.

Maame Yaa a graduate from Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) has the intention of setting up her own restaurant soon.


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