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Africa: World’s Dumping Site

The USA Embassy of Ghana this week stated they own money to ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) for the past two years ready to pay once they receive correct bills. The Embassy of China in Ghana had written a short while ago to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressing their displeasure about the handling of their citizens involved in illegal mining “Galamsey”. Both countries support Ghana with large amounts of AID money, give loans and set the ground for their own citizens to do small, medium and large sized business in Ghana as it is done all over the rest of the African continent.

Africa is praised by the whole world as the last place to harvest much needed and rare natural resources, Oil, Gas, Bauxite, Gold, and Manganese besides others. The world population is increasing for which reason – old methods of productions are still very much in place and take time to be adapted to a changing world situation – the hunger for the last natural resources is increasing and the exploitation gets speeded up to empty the soil of Africa.

No scientist today can serious determine the time once Africa’s soil will be emptied, but a clear mind can think well into the future and see, this day will eventually come.

GOD put a star over Joseph for him one day to save the Egyptians and Jews from starvation. It was a long, and for Joseph painful process, a time of preparation for the certain, definitely and unavoidable time to come. GOD prepared someone in time for time to come. When a human sees a problem, in however far future to see the light of the day once again, such minds must prepare themselves and their society today for the time of problems and misery to show up even that time certainly is beyond their life-span. As the bible declares quite rightly, a man cannot be called successful unless the one following him is made a successful ruler of the world. The current generation has to prepare the future generation for a better and better life by which they improve their own life-style.

As the USA and China Embassy example loudly and clearly demonstrates, the borrower is the slave to the lender. Africa has, in addition to this very unfortunate self-inflicted situation, not managed to come up with own inventions and innovations even as the Elite went to Universities outside Africa to get the much needed intellectual capacity to be qualified to think out of the box that can make an economy successful in today’s tough global competition for human intelligence products, political influence, setting the right tone for humanity and dominating the world on a higher philosophical and spiritual level.

Dramatically increased African population, Climate Change having a tool on Food Security and empty African Soil will lead Africa in the next 60-80 years – or so – into the position to be the greatest dumping site for Products and Services from the White Man. In order to pay for the goods from China, the factories from Europe, USA, Brazil, the Shopping Malls from Hong Kong and Malaysia, the Airlines from Singapore, Africa will be supported with loans and AID support. Loans come with interest and when no natural resources can be given as collateral, these countries will increase the interest rates charged.

The small profit generated from these businesses by Africans will be eaten up by the costs of the loans leaving the Black Man behind with Migraine Attacks of how to develop their countries and feed their own people. Hungry simple educated Africans will push into the EU countries in great numbers, intellectual and economic Elite will look for greener pastures around the world abandon their native countries by which the brain drain will futher support the downfall of the African continent as a place of misery, starvation, draught, civil war, corruption and spiritual darkness.

Does anyone have the power to stop Africans from thinking, coming up with ideas, develop products like Power Stations, Oil Rags, Factories, best food production and alike? Ideas come for free and are available to anyone at any time; they are spirits in the air. The most innovative humans in this world were financially poor people, but rich in mind. With determination, hard work, believe in the successful course of their ideas, they became rich.

The White Man has no original interest to develop the African continent to the status it truly belongs to but sees it as a place to dump their used fridges, used technology and used political ideas in order to sustain their own societies and make them great and strong.

The Elites of African countries, either in power for a life-time or 8 years Presidency, have no interest in finding solutions and developing ideas beyond their political career or life-span. It is this mix that makes the future of Africa blink. It is only the Africans themselves, born and bred on the Black Continent, that can help themselves and divert the foreseeable future into a path that will once again demonstrate to the entire world that it is the African continent GOD had chosen his Humanity to see the light of the day and lead humans into a better world outside of Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden.

Who is to blame for the misery of Africa first and foremost? Africa was given and entrusted by GOD to the Black Man; it was and is his very own responsibility to take very good care of what was given to him, to protect and develop it. When the White Man came to mess up Africa, it was the weak mindset demonstrated in underdeveloped weapons of protection and old fashioned military defense strategy plus corrupt minds of the Elites in Africa that were an open door for Africa’s exploitation.

Before the White Man even knew out there somewhere in this world, down south, are Black People, the Africans could have developed, out of their own understanding, modern weapons superior to the guns and cannons invented in Europe. No White Man in those days could have stopped the Black Man from engaging in such activities.

While the White Men over five hundred years ago set their minds on building ships to sail beyond their borders to widen their trade and political powers, the Black Man was busy exploiting his own people and powers of Witch Craft.

Will this ever happen, a better future for Africa? When Humans have no strength to change the world, only Prayers can achieve the unthinkable.

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, , 19.05.2017

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